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Test your brain. Create words from scratch using letters from a wheel. Find one word at a time and solve crossword puzzles.

This game will help you keep your brain sharp. It will relax and delight you with its captivating play. Solve one level after another and enjoy this fascinating word puzzle.

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Word Blocks is a relaxing word popping game.

You find words and pop them with one swipe. Words are placed either vertically or horizontally. Finding words is easy when you use the hint and starting letters. When you pop all the letters you win the game. The game gets easier as you find more and more words.

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Search and find hidden words.

This is a wonderful and fun word game. We give you a list of hidden words. You must find them in a grid of letters. The words may be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

This game requires a sharp mind and a good attention span.


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Become a word wizard by immersing yourself in this game. Every small action counts. As you play, you steadily get to know and practice the meaning of words. If you know one meaning of a word is a fine thing. Knowing virtually all and recalling them in a flash that's something to be proud. Listening and getting both the message and nuances is a valuable skill. So is reading without being stuck or slowed down by words. Getting this ability feels so uplifting. This is like getting an extra sense - a wizardly word sense, by which every word reveals it's meaning instantly and without effort.

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